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Messages posted by: fergusfrl.spw
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This may be a Epoch - the number of seconds that have passed since a specific date eg. 1970-01-01 12:00 (a common date but not necessarily yours)

I have a multivalue Analytical Driver called 'Vehicles'.
It is correlated with a date Analytical Driver called 'Start Date'.
The correct Vehicle values are shown when the Start Date value is altered (meaning the correlation was a success )

The problem is that when the Start Date is changed, the Vehicle values become deselected.
I have to select every single vehicle each time I change the Start Date.

My Vehicle Analytical Driver is set to use the appropriate LOV as its Default Value.
When the report is first run this works perfectly with all Vehicle values selected - it's only when I CHANGE the date that the Vehicle values become deselected.

Is there anyway to set these Analytical Drivers up so that ALL Vehicle values are selected after the Start Date has changed?



I managed to fix it - it's not pretty.

The problem was that the every parameter except for the last finished in a whitespace.
For whatever reason - the very last parameter in the multivalue must finish with a character. I suspect this is a bug.

My Workaround:

In SpagoBI I trimed the whitespace from my LOV.

In Spago Studio I added this beforeOpen script to my Data Set to add the whitespace back on to the parameters so the query is correct.

Note that the new query searches for parameter + " " OR parameter - this is so the last parameter (the one without whitespace) will still work.
Hi Guys,

I have a (mostly) working multivalue analytical driver for a BIRT report.

The problem is that one of the check boxes seems to be 'required'. When this single box is unchecked, no other data is shown.
This 'required' variable is the very last in a list of 18 checkboxes.
It is very annoying when I want to compare 2 - 3 particular variables and this extra variable has to be included.

Essentially I need to turn this 'required' variable into an non-required variable just like the other 17.

I have run the query using a separate program and it works with/without this variable so I figure this must be a Spago issue.

Any thoughts/workarounds?


Hi Guys!

I have a BIRT report I designed in Eclipse
There is a label that I want to be visible when row["form"] = 1 and hidden when row["form"] = 0.

I selected 'visibility' from the properties table and checked the 'hide element' box.
The expression shows: row["form"] <= 0

When I view the report on SpagoBI the label is always hidden.

How can I get the label to have conditional visibility?
Any help would be much appreciated.

I've followed this method but when I try to 'Test and Save' I am taken to a page with the message:

"The lov needs some profile attributes.
Your personal profile doesn't contain all the necessary attributes.
To proceed with the test assign a value to the missing profile attributes."

There is a text box for me to enter my value (user id) which I've done then I select 'Test before Save' and get the error message:

"Error Loading Data"

I am unable to continue from this point. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.


I've found the problem and fixed it - I changed returnValue('${id}') to returnValue('${user_id}').
It now works perfectly and the user name can be used as a parameter in the report.

My query in Spago studio:

SELECT [something]
FROM [somewhere]
WHERE [a string] in(?)

This approach works when uploaded to SpagoBI with an Analytical driver and the multivalue set to false.
It does not work when multivalue is set to true.

I would like to be able to use a checkbox to choose parameters in SpagoBI so need the multivalue select.
Can somebody please show me the correct way to do this?
Thanks :)
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