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Messages posted by: dalfa.spw
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Looking forward to read your additional explanations - which I'm sure will be useful to other people!

Hi, at a first look there are some serious issues which must be fixed:
a) You used the xml of the example, which is good, but must be modified. i.e. ProfileParameters must be consistent with the attributes you can configure to each user. Unless you do not specify them, you should remove them (pp-username and pp-password) from the xml.
b) On the example there were two steps configured, the first - auth - manages authentication through a POST request, the second open the desired page (this time through a GET request).
If you do not need any authentication, custom parameter specified or interaction with other documents, I suggest you to configure just one step (most probably a GET one).
Moreover, if you just need a pure *redirect* to an URL, SpagoBI includes an extremely easy (but less powerful) functionality which enables you to add a new - menu voice - linked to a configurable URL (if I remember well is called External Application and is accessible through the menu configuration).

Also, the engine uses standard logging facility to manage errors and debug informations, I suggest you to give a look at logs folder to better understand what is not working (or post log output here!)

About your last question, I never used it before, but basically any kind of document can be included into a composite one, ExternaApp Engine should not make any difference.

As always, if in trouble, continue posting.

usage is similar to all other spagobi documents:
create a new one, assign it externalApp engine type and upload the xml (and hit save)
bottom-line, you have to create the document from the web interface.
Yes! About engine deploy, just copy the war into tomcat webapp dir.
You also have to configure spago through its engine management. I suggest to read the few (but useful) instruction you find here http://www.codref.com/blog/extappengine (how to deploy on SpagoBI paragraph)

About your second question, with the how-to on the same page, you should be able to create a new xml document shaped on your needs.
Inside it you should specify all the dirty things like urls, static parameters, and so on.

If you experience any problem, feel free to ask!
If you provide me a sample, I could also try to give you an hand with the xml.

Angelo, you are right, few words about the scenario could help understand the purpose of the engine, moreover I ever liked learning "by example"! :)
BI is not something one can easily start from scratch. Especially on medium small realities, this means that the company, at the beginning, will use many different software, highly specialized, to perform different tasks.
To adopt SpagoBI means do sacrifices like investing on learning new technologies, migrating already developed dashboards and analysis output, etc.
On the other side, the advantages of a centralized environment, highly interconnected are so obvious that even a not BI expert could understand them.
The ExternalAppEngine should fill the gap. Use SpagoBI power, alongside with old tools, interconnected.

Another scenario could be the need of a customer to use an highly specialized tool (whose functionalities are not covered by spago), but from inside spago. This is the example written on my blog (about project planning tool integration).

Last but not least, we have to consider that the data layer can be shared, so SpagoBI will be able to extend every external application, not only vice-versa (i.e. visually analyse data coming from project planning, etc).

I will be happy to give my contribute to the project, I'll PM you my personal details.

We developed a new engine to permit integration (basically authentication and cross navigation) between SpagoBI and external applications (like dashboard softwares, and other BI related stuff, but also any sort of web application distributed over http).
You find all necessary information (plus sources and packages) here http://www.codref.com/extappengine.
The idea was born thanks to the need to integrate a project planning tool (basecamp like) into SpagoBI. Native "external application" support of SpagoBI was too simplistic (basically a static URL inside a menu voice), so we decided to build a more configurable one.

As you can read on my blog post, I'm not a java developer and, most important, I did not read a lot about -how to extend SpagoBI-, but this could be a good starting point.
If someone could be interested on using the engine, feel free to ask me and/or contribute to its development.

I do not deny that I'd like to see this new engine (or something similar) implemented in future versions of SpagoBI, if me or the team I work for (codref*) could be useful on some way, please contact us!

Waiting for your feedbacks!


Italian translation lacks of that detail.
Dear SpagoBI team, first of all let me say that version 3 is awesome.
I'm just trying to locate (and test) the new in-memory analysis on the downloadable demo but I can't find it anywhere, nor I found any related documentation on both wiki and forum.
Can you point me to the right direction?
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