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Messages posted by: samueleorso.spw
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I have the same problem.. Someone found a solution?

Thanks in advance
Hi all,
I have a document (jasper report) with 3 parameters, where the last one is related to the previous ones. e.g.
parameter1= DATE (input type string)
parameter2= PROJECT (LOV with PROJECT_ID)

When I start the execution of this document, a lot of time is spent on "Loading Parameters..." phase because, I suppose, the query for ISSUE's LOV is very low (milions of rows inside database table).
Is it possible for related parameters to simulate a lazy loading and execute the LOV query only after father parameters have been selected, and using directly the where conditions in order to reduce the query cost?

In my opinion, the behavior should be:
- father or standalone parameters loading (LOV query execution) on document execution (in my case DATE and PROJECT)
- child parameters not loaded at document execution but only after father parameters have been selected and using directly where conditions (in my case: select * from issue where date = xxx and project_id = yyy)
This should avoid the loading of useless data from db in order to apply after the where conditions.

Any idea about how to do it?

Thanks a lot..

Hi Andrea,
it works fine!!

Thanks a lot


Hi all,
I need to configure some properties of JR with Global scope (for example excel specific capabilities, font, encoding,..) and JasperServer documentation explains how to do it with a jasperreports.properties file included into application's calsspath.
I put this file inside ../SpagoBIJasperReportEngine/WEB_INF/classes directory but without success also after aplication restart and cache cleaning.
Do you know ho this file shoul be located or another way to configure JR properties?

Thanks a lot in advance
Hi Alberto,
Is available (and you can share it with us) a development roadmap or a project plan for this new feature? Technical requirements have already done or not?

let me know as I can contribute to this extension.

Hi all,
I would like to use new worksheet capability for my reports but I have very complex Oracle sql queries (db link, join between different schemas, timezone casting, partition, ..) and I think that is not so easy (or possible) to create the relative datamart and create the same query using QBE GUI.
My question is:
is it possible to use worksheet capability with a free hand sql (my custom sql), without create the datamart and use QBE GUI for query creation? for example using a custom datasurce from SpagoBI?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Khen,
you don't have to change password inside ldap server config file, because the defaultChiper encryption is only for SpagoBI LDAP connector.

For example (cn=Manager password = secret):
<ADMIN_PSW>6ddbcdd70d086e75bdc121b16bd23f03</ADMIN_PSW> (ldap_authorization file)

rootpw secret (password saved as plain text inside ldap server config file)

Verify also the <OU_ATTRIBUTE> configuration (memberOf or ou???)

Hi Khen,
I forgotten this (I found it inside spagobi forum):

to obtain the encryption of your password you have to run the DefaultCipher.java file that is in spago-core-2.2.0.jar file:

So go to the folder where the jar file is, should be something like: -[TOMCAT_PATH]\apache-tomcat- 6.0.18\webapps\SpagoBI\WEB-INF\lib> and run the java command:

java -cp ./spago-core-2.2.0.jar:./commons-codec-1.3.jar it.eng.spago.security.DefaultCipher.encrypt [YOUR_PASSWORD]

Hi khen,
I think there're some errors inside ldap_authorizations.xml:

1. <ADMIN_PSW> "The ADMIN_PSW value must be encrypted with DefaultCipher" (See user management chapter of documentation)
2. <OU_ATTRIBUTE> In your ldif file I see the "ou" attribute and not "memberOf" attribute as link between users and group
3. <SEARCH_ROOT_GROUP> I see "ou=Group,dc=spagobi,dc=com" and not "CN=Group,dc=spagobi,dc=com" as Group Root Node
4. <ATTRIBUTES_ID_GROUP>CN</ATTRIBUTES_ID_GROUP> the attribute cn is not present inside role node, try use "ou"

I hope to help you...
Hi all,
I configured SpagoBI with CAS 3 as SSO server following the documentation.
Whe I use SpagoBI as standalone webapp all works fine (login inside CAS e redirect to SpagoBI web adapter), but I need to integrate SpagoBI inside an external webapplication at this moment not under SSO (custom login).

I succesfully integrated SpagoBI with external webapp using SpagoBI SDK:
- the webapp calls SpagoBI and corretly retrieves documentList, validRole, Parameters, AdmisibleValues,...
- the webapp (using HttpClient) calls CAS SSO and retrieves valid ST and TGT ticket for the user
- the webapp (using jsp tag execution library ) start document execution with authenticationTicket parameter (ST ticket)

At this step, instead of show the report, a redirection to CAS login page is done by SpagoBI.
Inside SpagoBI log, I see a message form java CAS client: "no ticket or assertion found" and after I see the redirection to CAS login page.
If I insert user's credentials inside CAS login page, next document's executions work correctly without redirection to CAS login page.
I would like to avoid this new user's credentials input form.

Is there an example how to use SSO for document execution inside SpagoBI?
My questions are:
- Which ticket have I to use in authenticationTicket parameter (St or TGT)?
- Have I to catch the TGT cookie from HttpClient and put it to the browser?
- ...

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi all,
I'm using SpagoBI 2.5 and I created a JasperReport with these three parameters: STARTTIME (date-manual input),STOPTIME (date-manual input),ITEMLIST (string-LOV).
After I created the analytical drivers and LOV.
Now, I need to implement these filter criterias (validation at client side and/or at server side?):

- STARTTIME: min and max date allowed in date picker
- STOPTIME: min and max date allowed in date picker
- DATE RANGE: max number of days allowed between STARTTIME and STOPTIME
- ITEMLIST: max number of selected items from list

I tried to create correlation between 2 analytical drivers starttime and stoptime, but I received a message like 'this type of analytical driver doesn't support correlation'.

Do you have any idea how to implement these criterias??

Thanks a lot in advance...
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