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Messages posted by: aghedin
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Please see second post of this discussion
i think there is a not enterprise version for data virtualization.. Actually it is the most complex solution because you need to use jboss as application server and learn how to use the tool, but there are specific example to connect it to mongo.. And on this way you can use the data virtualization to federate different datasources.
On SpagoBI side it is very simple because you just need to create a datasource taht connects to data virtualization.. The tricky part will be the creation of the virtual model on data virtualization..
QbE works on JDBC connection. For MongoDB SpagoBI has it's own connector since MongoDB till version 3.4 (if I'm not wrong) does not provide a JDBC connector by default.
If you want to use the qbe you need to create a datasource of generic dialect and use a jdbc connection on MongoDB (unityjdbc.com, simba). Or you can use JBOSS data virtualization https://developers.redhat.com/products/datavirt/overview/.
Hi Carlos,
SpagoBIMobile its a web application.. So it runs on a server (usually where SpagoBI core is executed) and it can be accessed from either Apple or Android systems.. You can also access it through your PC using a web browser html5/css3 compliant.
Just remember to access the correct url: (server url)/SpagoBIMobileEngine

Resources: http://wiki.spagobi.org/xwiki/bin/view/spagobi_server/Mobile
Hi Mario,
I think a good approach could be to note all your dubs and problems and than ask for a call at spagobi@eng.it . Maybe they can help you to find a way and compile the document.
Hi Mario,
The mondrian template builder is a new relatively new tool.. So some features are not implemented yet.. At this moment it can be considered a starting point. You can create a simple cube, with the most used functionalities, if you need to specify more details you should work directly in the template..

A priority of the next year is to review and enhanced SpagoBIStudio/Meta.

Focusing on your question, your approach is correct.. You’ve to define more dimensions, one for date. I suggest you to use the template builder to create one date dimension, and than work on the xml duplicating the generated dimension.

From version 5.0 there is also the new olap interface, try to take a look at the What-if documents on the demo. It has a modern GUI, the same functionalities of Jpivot and what if capabilities..
Hi Mario,
At this moment if you change the db, you have to update manually the physical model into the xml file.. This is an uncomfortable solution..
The refresh of the physical model stay on the top at the to-do list, and we’ve planned it for the first part of the next year. If you need some more information about that or you want to contribute sand an email at spagobi@eng.it

If you’re evaluating SpagoBI and Pentaho, you already know the licence issues (SpagoBi is MPLv2 so 100% open source forever). Take also a look at the new cockpit that allows final users to create ad-hoc composite documents, the new data mining engine and the social and sentiment analysis engines that allow you to perform sentiment analysis and campaign evaluation (available from spagobi 5.1 that will be released at the end of 2014)
take a look here http://www.spagoworld.org/jira/browse/SPAGOBI-1934
the solution is to use version 5.1 of SpagoBI.. In the version 5.1 we’ve work a lot in the encoding.. In particular we’ve adopted utf-8 in all the application..

So next week we should release the 5.1 RC and next month we’ll release the final version.. Can you wait a couple of weeks?

We’re starting also to review the language management. Our aim is to create a tool that allows the community to contribute..
But for now, if you send us your contribution we can include them in the next release.. Is it ok for you?
the SpagoBI licence is MPLv2 so you can do more or less whatever you want without involve the SpagoBILabs.

But if you develop a new functionality I strongly suggest you to share it with spagobi@eng.it so it can be maintained in the future versions. Furthermore if you contact the team we can help you in the design of the development.
Thank’ you Massimiliano for this warning..

We’ve applied some changes in the folder you’ve pointed out. Please try again.

Just out of curiosity, why are you downloading the source code?
welcome in the community!!

Open documentation: http://wiki.spagobi.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/
Webinars: http://www.spagobi.org/homepage/services/videos-and-webinars/
Recorded Webinars : http://www.spagoworld.org/xwiki/bin/view/SpagoBI/WebinarsArchives?language=it
Book: https://spagoshop.spagoworld.org/spagoshop/available-services?find=ByFullSearch&mode=PUBLICATION
Training: http://www.spagobi.org/homepage/services/professional-services/

The import from excel file make sense..
In SpagoBI a set of data is called dataset. The dataset can be a query SQL, a query by example, a file (for more technical details about the dataset take a look here ).
The functionality that fits your specific case is Self Service BI. Take a look here http://wiki.spagobi.org/xwiki/bin/view/spagobi_server/Self-service+BI

You can go further.. Once you’ve created the dataset over the file you can also create a table that contains that data. This action can be performed by the administrator from the dataset catalogue.. Take a look here http://wiki.spagobi.org/xwiki/bin/view/spagobi_server/data_set#HAdvanced28persistentdatasets29
Please write only a topic for question. See https://www.spagoworld.org/jforum/posts/list/0/3279.page#10527
Please write only a topic for question. See https://www.spagoworld.org/jforum/posts/list/0/3279.page#10527
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